The First SPAC Dedicated to Meeting the Critical Demand for European Biomanufacturing

A word from some of our Founders

Michael Kloss

Co-Founder & CEO of eureKING

“In just a few months we have seen tremendous support garnered for the eureKING project. We met our key objective of raising €150 million for the launch, we recently received the French Government’s prestigious TIBI Label, giving us access to an €18 billion investment fund; and we are well on our way to making our first acquisition ahead of the 15-month deadline. I look forward to continuing to drive the team towards the exciting achievements in eureKING’s near future.”

Gerard Le Fur

Co-Founder & Chairman of eureKING Board

“Having spent my career in the pharmaceutical industry, I am very confident about the value that eureKING can provide. Europe cannot afford to miss the opportunity to boost its activity on the CDMO landscape. More robust presence in this space means more security around the production of life-saving medications and vaccines as well as increased support to the growing biotech sector. The next few months will be a very exciting and busy time for the eureKING Team and I am convinced that their efforts will result in major societal and economic benefits for Europe.”

Alexandre Mouradian

Chairman & Founder of eureKARE, eureKING’s main shareholder

“As the CEO, Founder and Chairman of eureKARE, eureKING’s Co-Founding Corporate Sponsor and one of the main shareholders, my goal has always been to make innovative investments that bring positive benefits to society. Europe’s growing biotech sector holds potential solutions to some of today’s most pressing health, environmental, and economic challenges. I am impressed by the milestones eureKING has achieved since its launch and I look forward to propelling this project forward.”

Building a New European CDMO Major Player

*contract development and manufacturing organization


A seasoned leadership team of biotech experts make up the operational team and Board


CEO and Co-Founder


Chief Finance Officer


Chief Transformation and Strategy Officer

Corporate Sponsor

Since its inception, eureKARE has been committed to boosting innovation within Europe’s biotechnology sector by providing companies with the right tools to grow, prosper and contribute positively to society, bringing Europe’s underexploited innovative sciences to fruition. Mr. Alexandre Mouradian, via EureKARE, was at the origin of the project leading to pooling together eureKARE’s expertise with that of key European industry leaders to create the first European healthcare SPAC dedicated to biomanufacturing, eureKING, such SPAC being the next step in eureKARE’s journey to continue supporting European innovation in biotechnology to even greater magnitudes.




eureKARE is an investment company focused on financing and developing synthetic biology and microbiome innovation across Europe. Driven by the belief that synthetic biology holds the key to many of the world’s most pressing health and environmental challenges, eureKARE’s experienced team is focused on harnessing Europe’s untapped leadership in the field to build the companies of the future. eureKARE is championing a new model of startup creation and development to create a dynamic ecosystem of early and later stage ventures through its network of biotech studios. Backed by a proprietary AI tool, eureKARE’s  studios act as a bridge between academia and industry, helping to catalyze researchers’ innovations into companies with access to all the ingredients they need to grow, prosper, and bring benefits to society.


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